Our mission is to enrich human lives with Artificial Intelligence.

Our story so far

Artificial Intelligence. It sounds like science fiction, but I assure you that our company’s story is deeply rooted in human experience.

Having successfully launched AI scanning tool TAGGUN in 2016, CK understood the power of the tech.

But he saw that other developers and founders struggled to add AI to their own apps. This inspired the creation of TagTeam AI—an easy-to-use platform that empowers people to integrate advanced AI technology into their products.

CK had the vision, but building and growing a robust AI product would take a lot of work. He couldn’t do this alone, and didn’t want to! He wanted to surround himself with talented people who share his ambition.

So that’s what he did!

TagTeam AI is now a team of talented Kiwis, on a mission to make AI accessible. To empower founders and engineers to create great products that enrich people’s lives, using artificial intelligence.

We re-think how a company should work.

Humans created companies to serve us, not the other way around. We are not an AI company. We are a human-centric company that uses AI as our core technology engine.

We stand by the creators who change the world.

We salute the pioneers, the innovators, and the mavericks who have the courage to swim against conventional wisdom. They are the crazy ones who create the new. We build our products for them because they will change the world.

We are relentless.

We never stop moving forward. We are inspired by your next big idea, not just another feature or technology. We value your creativity over conformity and always strive to work harder than anyone else.

We are TagTeam

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CK Lee
Co-Founder & Engineering
Auckland, New Zealand.

Born and raised in Malaysia, CK flew to New Zealand with his wife, Su-Ren, on a whim 10 years ago. The whim paid off as they've been here ever since and are now raising their daughter Sophie in Auckland. He's a coding fanatic, who's also grown a love for kickboxing (he wants to fight in a ring), outrageous comedians, and writing articles.

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Hannah O'Connor
Co-Founder & Growth
Melbourne, Australia

Hannah recently crossed the ditch from NZ to Melbourne to find new experiences and superior coffee. She dips into a little bit of everything for TagTeam AI —including coding. Outside of this, she enjoys live jazz at the pub, neuroscientist biographies, and curry buffets.

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Maria Abercrombie
Founding Team & Sales
Gisborne, New Zealand

Originally from Brazil, Maria, and now lives on the east coast in Gisbourne - the 1st city to greet the sun each morning. It was her adventurous and fun-loving nature that landed her in NZ 10 years ago. When Maria's not infecting the team with her passion, you'll find her working on her Master's, smashing some surf, and raising two gorgeous kids. Nothing phases this woman!

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Szu-Han Chou
Founding Team & Engineering
Auckland, New Zealand.

Szu-Han has embedded Taiwan, Japan, Australia, and New Zealand into his life journey. He is one of those athletic hunks with a geeky genius. He loves living the start-up and also minimalist lifestyle. Szu-Han looks forward to utilising AI to empower other people and industries for positive impacts.

Production babies 👶

We believe that this company is built for future generations.

Hence, we want to give credit to the kids of those building TagTeam: they are forever woven into the founding story.

Sophie Lee

Luca Abercrombie

Ana Abercrombie

Ophelia Rutter

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