TagTeam AI

Transforming everyday developers into AI superheroes.


Ready to get started? Request for an API Key for to gain data and insights out of text and documents.

TagTeam transforms everyday developers into AI superheroes 🦸‍♀️🦸‍♂️.

TagTeam’s advanced AI models are API-driven, enabling tech businesses of any size and anywhere - from startups to large global enterprises - to build smart AI-powered software.


Why TagTeam AI?

TagTeam hosts a variety of Applied AI features through programmatic APIs to overcome obstacles being faced by businesses. Many companies share common business problems in their respective industry. These problems are riped to be tackled by TagTeam using the latest AI technologies and tools that we now have. Our experience in the AI to build, train, deploy and host these models as APIs saves companies from hiring and developing in-house AI experts.

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Advanced AI - fair and accessible to all

We build and power the latest and advanced AI technology from the cloud, so technology businesses of all sizes from startups to large enterprises can take advantage of what we build and compete on the same level.

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Developer-first approach to AI and ML

We want your engineering team to focus on building your core product functionality. So, we take the hard work out of the operation and management of AI in your business. We agonise ourselves with doing our best in training the AI models, building the DevOps and MLOps pipeline, and deploying and hosting our AI models

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Deep focus on AI Solutions

We have a deep focus on building meaningful production-ready AI solutions for other technology companies because your customers are demanding more - smart automation and deeper data insights from your software. We leave the interesting academic AI research to the universities.

How Does TagTeam AI Work For You?

In each industry like RegTech, LegalTech or fill-in-the-blankTech, there are many common business problems that are shared by companies in their respective industry.

These common business use cases are perfect opportunities for TagTeam to offer cloud-based AI solutions that will eventually be disruptive for the entire industry, including you and your competitors.

So, let's start with you now.

If you are a tech company, talk to an expert now!

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Got a use case? Or a burning itch to scratch for your company? Explore what TagTeam currently offers publicly and what we are building behind the scene. There may already be an API that is fit for your company. If not, let's have a chat!



If your use case is a fit, depending on the specific language tasks and contexts. we would build a prototype that is using the latest state-of-the-art NLP frameworks and models like GPT, Flair and spaCy

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If our prototype is proven successful, we would work on a 12-month or more subscription-based pricing that works for your usage and budget. And we go and build you the real thing. We usually deliver in a month time.



We grow with you! We take away your pain of scaling the servers and re-training the AI model for you. We will even enter new markets with you as your continue to grow your customer base.

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What is NLP API?

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. It aims to "understand" the contents of text and documents and accurately extract information and insights with the contextual nuances of human language. Common NLP language tasks are sentiment analysis, classifications, tokenisation, named entity recognition, text summarisation and text generation. These NLP language tasks require huge effort and time in building and training the AI models. NLP API is the software interface, to offer the service for clients' software to extract information and insights from the contents of text and documents.