You weren’t born to transcribe data.

Use TagTeam AI APIs to automate data transcription and entry. Contracts? Letters? Webpages? No worries – we have the tech to extract the data you need from any text.

AI should be easy and accessible.

We get it - building AI to do exactly what you need is expensive. So, we build re-usable AI models to provide an affordable SaaS solution with no upfront development fee.
Kinda like re-usable launch rockets by SpaceX.

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    Have a chat with us about your soul-crushing data work. We will build a demo for your data extraction needs in 2 weeks. No fee.

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    If you love the demo, we knuckle down and build the full-scale AI model for your exact needs. No upfront fees, again.

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    We support you every step of the way whilst you integrate with TagTeam API and as you grow. We charge a monthly usage fee. And you profit!

It was great to collaborate with TagTeam AI on a custom AI solution. TagTeam AI focused on
automation which freed up our team and resources to work on the features that bettered the
user experience.

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Franco Sabadini, CTO & Cofounder of Supergenerous

Extract any data you need

TagTeam extracts any data from any document, so you don't have to.


GPU-powered models for shorter response times.


Driven by cutting-edge tech to deliver the highest accuracy on the market.


TagTeam APIs are built on OpenAPI 3.0 so it can be easily integrated with any programming language.


Your solution is fully-managed and hosted by us - so you can focus on what you do best.

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Why Tech Companies use TagTeam AI?

We cut through all the technical bullshit to deliver a simple solution.

We'll always be here to give a damn about you.

Our AI models continue to improve the more you use them.


TagTeam APIs extract any data point you need from any text-based data or document with the highest accuracy in the market. Example formats include PDF, webpage, image files, emails, and more.


For visionary tech companies building products with the ability to process language data as humans do. Just cheaper, quicker, and more powerful.


We believe that AI shouldn't be guarded by dominating organisations with specialised data scientists. TagTeam AI gives you access to simple-to-integrate, customised, and cost-efficient AI-powered APIs.

SuperGenerous Case Study

TagTeam AI built the machine learning technology that reads the receipts and extracts the key information required to claim for the rebate, as well as help to ensure that we are only claiming for what has not been claimed before.

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